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Leave Taking - Lorraine Marwood CBCA Shortlist 2019

Continuing my read through of the CBCA Shortlist 2019 for Young Readers. Check out my previous reviews for The Peacock Detectives and Black Cockatoo.

This one was on back-order for a few weeks, but I was excited because it also won the NSW Premier's Literary Award 2019. It's also written in free-verse poetry which I haven't seen in a book for this age level before.

Leave Taking follows Toby's journey of saying goodbye to the family farm after the death of his little sister, Leah. There's not a lot to say about this one except that it was beautiful to read.

Rating: 5 out of 5. If it were written in a regular narrative it would probably be a 4... Age Suggestion: 9+ for the content more than the language.

Ability Range: 8+ for more advanced readers. The free-verse style takes some getting used to, but the vocab itself isn't too complex.

Content Notes: Toby's younger sister has died after losing her battle with cancer. Each member of the family is dealing with their grief differently, but the book portrays each respectfully.

The illustrations in this were done by Peter Carnavas, which are a great addition to the story.

This one is definitely worth reading yourself.

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