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The Bad Guys #1 - #5 - Aaron Blabey

I feel like I can't walk into a library or look at a bookshelf without seeing Pig the Pug right in my face! I definitely think its a cute picture book, but I was more interested in reading Aaron Blabey's other series - The Bad Guys.

I picked up the box set of books 1-5 from Kmart (for a pretty good deal!) I love morally grey characters - so a series full of bad guys turned sort of good sounded great! And once I'd started, I realised that these are the types of books that are humorous to both children and adults alike.

We follow Mr Wolf as he attempts to change his 'Big Bad' image into that of a hero. He ropes in Mr Shark, Mr Snake and Mr Piranha, and eventually a spider called "Legs". We encounter zombie kittens, and evil guinea pig and a trip to the moon!

Rating: 5 out of 5. They're easy to read, engaging and pretty hilarious!

Age Suggestion: 6+. This is funny for all ages, and would be a lovely text to read together with younger readers!

Ability Range: 8+. For a book full of comics and very few words, the vocabulary isn't overly simple. However, I think it's so engaging and accessible for those children who may otherwise struggle to enjoy reading, that it's a great choice even if you need to spend some time building vocab.

Content Notes: Aside from a wolf having a crush on a fox, an evil guinea pig, and a bunch of zombie kittens who want to eat people, it's completely tame ;)

You definitely need these on your bookself!

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