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The Midnight Gang - David Walliams + GIVEAWAY!

The first David Walliams book I read was Bad Dad, and I must admit that I felt like maybe I was missing something! I knew that Walliams' books were incredibly popular, but Bad Dad left a lot to be desired.

I'd accidentally bought an extra copy (or two!) of The Midnight Gang, and so I thought 'well I might as well read it and then I can use it for a giveaway' (AND THEN I reached 100 Facebook likes. So see the bottom of this post for details.)

So I read it, without high hopes.

And then I nearly cried all the way through it!!

I've taught students who have had to spend too much time in hospital. And it completely breaks my heart - even years later. So to read a story about children who need to spend any amount of their time in hospital, wanting to achieve their dreams? I'm 100% in!

There was a beautiful balance acknowledging the illness of these children - some minor and some incredibly severe - and the innocence of childhood was so beautifully achieved.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Age Suggestion: 8+. Are there heavy topics that may need to be covered? Yup. But there are children much younger than 8 who experience this is as a reality.

Ability Range: 8+ if they're confident readers. I listened to the audio book, but I really feel like it's the length and the emotional maturity that makes it more complex, rather than the vocabulary.

Content Notes: If you have / are working with children who have negative experiences with hospital, either because of their own experiences, or of their parents or grandparents, then it may be worth reading together. But having said that, there's definitely a place for children to find an identity and representation of other kids who have to spend large amounts of time in hospitals for various reasons, and the consequences of that. And on top of that? It will still make them laugh.

Giveaway details!

I have 2 copies of The Midnight Gang to giveaway. Simply fill out the Rafflecopter below to enter.

Open Internationally, closes on 25th June.

Or buy a copy here

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