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Hot Dog - Anh Do

I've read WeirDo and Ninja Kid by Anh Do, so I knew it was time to check out Hot Dog too. A story about a sausage dog, and his friends Lizzie the lizard (actually a chameleon) and Kevin the very lazy cat (who's owners like to dress up in costumes) who come across a lost baby bird. A rather silly adventure to find it's mother begins!

Rating: 4 out of 5 - this is pretty cute and funny, but it certainly won't be winning any literacy prizes.

Age suggestion: All ages! There are more pictures than text on many pages, and would be a great one to read aloud to younger children, as well as an easy read for many primary school aged children.

Ability range: 6+. The vocabulary isn't very advanced, although less confident reads may need some assistance. Content notes: Its cute and a bit silly!

A welcome addition to any book shelf!

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