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Herobrine (series) - An Unofficial Minecraft Story

Before I start, I’ll preface this by saying I’ve only read two of the four Herobrine books. And I’ve never played Minecraft personally. I’ve watched my husband play, and heard plenty about it from students I’ve taught.

These books follow Herobrine, a Minecraft character (although he’s never actually appeared in the Minecraft game… according to Wikipedia, not my own knowledge) as he navigates being a part of the real world. Herobrine finds himself awkwardly confused by many of the cultural norms of his human friends, and hilarity ensues for the reader. Although, I’m sure it’s more hilarious to those children who are familiar with the Minecraft world.

Rating: This is a tough one. I know Minecraft-obsessed students who would give this a 5 out of 5. I would probably give it a 2.5 out of 5. It’s not something I would have picked up myself as a child, or want to continue reading as an adult. Age Suggestion: 7+ Ability Range: 7+ for confident readers, otherwise 8+. Also a great choice for struggling upper-primary school readers, since it’s both topical and a chapter book. I know plenty of highly capable readers who still enjoy this due to its link to Minecraft. Content Notes: I can’t think of anything that could be considered inappropriate. There are a few references to crushes, but much less than you’d hear in any school yard!

If you've got children who love Minecraft, why don't you pick up the first book - and at under $10 each, they're a safe investment!

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