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Picture Book Round up #1

Picture books are tricky to write a whole review about - but they are such as valuable addition to any home or class library, no matter how old you are. So I'll be doing them in batches. I'd love to say there's some order or method to the ones I've chosen, but realistically, it's just any random group I happen to have that I've read recently!!

Fantastically Great Women Who Changed the World - Kate Pankhurst

Content: There are a few similar style texts on the market at the moment, and I absolutely love them. Whether you consider yourself a feminist or not, I'm sure no one could argue the value of young girls being able to read about the amazing feats that women have performed despite intense opposition.

Illustrations: The illustrations are really beautifully done, although I would have loved to see actual photos of the women where possible!

Overall thoughts: Definitely worth a read! I'd recommend it for older primary students or for parents/teachers to read aloud.

The First Hippo on the Moon - David Walliams, Illustrations by Tony Ross Content: A rather silly story about two hippos, in different financial circumstances, trying to get to the moon

Illustrations: Very colourful cartoon-based illustrations

Overall thoughts: Hippos are my absolute favourite animals, and it was cute and funny. Nothing earth shattering though. Would be good for younger readers, as well as reading together.

You Can't Take an Elephant on the Bus - Patricia Cleveland-Peck, Illustrations by David Tazzyman

Content: I really love the structure of this book - inappropriate animals for various forms of transportation. The rhyming was enjoyable (sometimes I get sick of all picture books rhyming?!)

Illustrations: This book is worth reading just for the expressions on the animals faces!

Overall thoughts: I think this is a really lovely story to read with children of all ages, I highly recommend it!

The Waterhole - Graeme Base

Content: This is amazing for so many different reasons. There is nothing overly complex about the language, but it's perfect to complement the incredible illustrations and message.

Illustrations: If you haven't read a Graeme Base book before, you absolutely have to! His illustrations are so complex and beautiful - no matter how many times you look at the pictures, you notice something new every time!

Overall thoughts: An Australian classic! It should have pride of place on everyone's bookshelves.

Commotion in the Ocean - Giles Andreae & David Wojtowycz

Content: This text contains lots of information about various sea creatures in rhyming form. The rhythm and structure of some of the poems seemed a bit clunky to read though. There are a few limericks though, which would be great for modelling if you're teaching poetry.

Illustrations: The illustrations are very bright and colourful. I'm no marine biologist though, so not sure how accurate each creature is!

Overall thoughts: Certainly not my favourite picture book, but it'd be a great choice if you've got small children who enjoy bright pictures and sea creatures!

What are your favourite picture story books?

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