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5 Short-Book Reviews

There are plenty of kids books that are just too short (under 100ish pages) to write a proper review for. Here are 5 of the shorter books I've read recently. All of these books I ordered from a Scholastic Book Club. The teacher's catalogue is great, but I tend to order from the students catalogue! They have such great deals on books - cheaper than anywhere else I've seen!

1. Ella and Olivia - Little Lifesavers author: Yvette Poshoglian & Danielle McDonald pages: 63

Age/Ability: Grade 2-3. Younger kids will love that it's a chapter book, and struggling readers in higher grades will find the large text, pictures, and shorter length more accessible.

What's it about?: Two sisters sign up to be Nippers (Lifesaving training). At first they find it tricky, but work hard to improve themselves.

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2. Fact Attack - The Wacky World of Living Things

author: Melvin & Glinda Berger

pages: 92

Age/Ability: Grade 2-4. There are not many words on each page, but as it's science-based, there are occasional tricky words - and all kids love cool facts!

What's it about?: 273 facts about animals and plants. There were plenty of things I didn't even know!

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3. The Puppy Place - Jake

author: Ellen Miles

pages: 85

Age/Ability: Grades 2-3. Scholastic is amazing and have included this on the back of the book already! I would say that I've definitely taught Grade 4-5 kids that would enjoy this.

What's it about?: Lizzie's family foster dogs and they're her favourite animal, but now she is off to Horse-Riding camp with her best friend. There she not only finds a horse to ride, but a stray puppy who needs love and attention.

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4. Magic Puppy - The Perfect Secret

author: Sue Bentley

pages: 115

Age/Ability: Grade 3-5. This was on the Scholastic book club as a set, but I ended up just ordering one from Book Depository instead to see if I'd like it. This is a tricky one - looking at the cover and size it may appear to be the same as The Puppy Place (see above), but the writing is much smaller and the vocabulary more complex.

What's it about?: Storm is a wolf disguised as a beagle puppy, living with Madison to hide from the evil Shadow.

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5. Secrets of an Overworld Survivor - When Lava Strikes

An unofficial Minecraft novel, author: Greyson Mann

pages: 105

Age/Ability: For interest, Grade 3-6. I don't know much about Minecraft except that it's super popular. Ability wise, it falls more within Grades 3-4 for at-level readers.

What's it about?: Will and Mina stumble upon an abandoned mineshaft, but it doesn't go as smoothly as planned!

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