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Book vs Movies - Part 1

'The book is always better than the movie'

Is that true? Let's see!


I'll start with a fence sitter. These are both wonderful, despite being quite different. The movie has less fat-shaming, and the book has the resolving ending of Matilda losing her powers once she no longer needed them.

Verdict? I recommend both!

Harry Potter

When I was 11, and the first movie came out, I cried. I told my mum that I couldn't believe that they'd left so many things out! Over the years I realised that the movies couldn't cover everything, and became less and less disappointed (.... sometimes).

Verdict? The books will always be the gold standard of Harry Potter (as long as we ignore The Cursed Child), but I will also always watch the movies.


I first read Wonder to my grade 5 class. I cried. In front of my whole class. Then I read it again, at the end of the year to my grade 4 class. I cried again. Then I went to see the movie with my husband, and we both sobbed like babies. The book is better, deeper, and has so many more details.

Verdict? In terms of the complex relationship between kids at school? The book covers more. We had so many class discussions about the issues raised in the book. But the movie should still be seen by all families who have kids from Grades 2 to 10! Such amazing messages! Bring your tissues.


I've read this book at least 4 or 5 times. It was one of my favourite Roald Dahl books as a kid, and still one of my favourites as an adult. I had such high expectations for the movie, and while it met some of them, there were other times where I sat frowning at the screen for important moments they missed. It's probably childish to point out that there wasn't enough farting, but that was an important part missed out. Also I teach middle primary. Farting is important.

Verdict? Stick with the book!

Alice in Wonderland

If I'm talking about an Alice in Wonderland movie, I'm talking about the 1999 version with Gene Wilder, Woopie Goldberg and Tina Majorino. I love this version more than the book (although it follows the novel almost word-for-word), and more than any other adaptation (does the Johnny Depp version creep anyone else out??). I'll admit this is because my family watched the 1999 version many (many!) times and will still regularly burst into 'Will you walk a little faster, said a whiting to a snail'. As long as you don't mind a lot of nonsense, both the book and the 1999 film are brilliant.

Verdict? Read the book, and watch the 1999 film. Skip the most recent one.

What are your favourite book to movie adaptations? Part 2 coming next month!

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