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I Swapped My Brother on the Internet - Jo Simmons

I'd never heard anything about this book or the author. But that title? Ordered it straight away!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. I was really engaged reading this! I'll definitely check out other books by this author.

Age Suggestion: Grade 3-6

Ability Range: It's nearly 300 pages with quite small text. There are pictures throughout, but for 8-9 year olds, they'd need to be very confident readers.

Content Notes: There wasn't anything that stuck out to me while reading it. Yes, Johnny wants to get rid of his brother, but (spoiler alert) there's a happy ending. There's a merboy (as opposed to a mermaid), a boy raised by meerkats, a boy who's really just a girl pretending to be a boy, and an evil mastermind boy.

For a book I'd never heard of, I want to make sure other's hear about it!!

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