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WeirDo - Anh Do

Last year I read Anh Do's autobiography and I absolutely loved it! I knew he'd written a series of children's books, and that the kids in my class thought it was the best thing since dabbing, but I hadn't ever thought of picking one up myself!

Dymocks had a 2 for $25 deal going, and I knew I had a weekend with a lot of time free for reading. I bought this and a few other books (reviews to come!), and then sat down on the couch and devoured.

Full disclosure, this book took me 20 minutes to read. But it was funny, engaging and a bit silly. And I'll be honest, engaging and a bit silly would be how I describe my teaching style ;)

My review?

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars - enjoyable but I'm not desperate for the sequel

Age suggestion: 7-12 years. I teach grade 4 and they all love it!

Ability level: It's definitely on the easier side of texts for this age range - there aren't a lot of words on each page, or a big vocabulary range

Content notes: there's a joke about the little brother accidentally dropping the toilet seat on his "thingy". All boys will find this hilarious. Be prepared for questions from the more inquisitive girls!

I do love that it would provide an opportunity for a discussion about the names of those of different cultures. Anh Do always creates such an inviting and accessible view of other cultures which I enjoy.

Most school libraries will already have this, but if not, grab a copy today!

*Book Depository (cheapest)

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